Why Did I Decide to Run?

First, let me say that I appreciate Senator Unterman’s service. I am realizing what a challenge it is to run, let alone serve. She showed up and did the work. I don’t agree with many of her positions, but I do appreciate that she did what she thought was right and that she showed up year after year when no one else would even run.


What made me feel compelled to run:

  1. Senator Unterman’s blocking of HB 827 – the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act – that required law enforcement to account for a significant backlog of hundreds of untested rape kits. The bill did finally pass and was signed into law in the end, but I couldn’t understand why anyone would not enthusiastically support this measure, let alone attempt to block it. As the rape kits have been tested, 88 DNA matches have been made so far. I have never been a victim of rape, so I can only imagine how horrible it would be to endure the crime itself, and then subject yourself to an invasive rape examination only to have that evidence placed in a bag or box and left on a shelf. I find this profoundly unacceptable.
  2. Senator Unterman’s blocking of HB 722 that would have added HIV/AIDS, epidermolysis bullosa, PTSD, and other conditions to the list of Georgia’s eligible conditions for medical cannabis oil. I understand that hard scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of cannabis for various conditions is lacking. However, I am a speech-language pathologist and many other legislators are attorneys. We are not the right people to make these decisions. These are decisions that should be made between physician and patient/family. I stand for legalization of cannabis for all patients when the physician and patient are in agreement. Short of broader legislation such as this, I would never stand in the way of more conditions being added to the list for Georgia’s Low THC Oil Registry.